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Why does a stainless steel chain experience periodic chain drop?

The chain drop phenomenon of stainless steel chains is actually caused by the inability of the rollers of the chain to mesh with the teeth of the sprocket. But how did this situation come about?

There are two main reasons for the above issues. One is the tooth pitch error of the sprocket, and the other is the pitch error of the chain.

If it is a situation, although the processing of the sprocket is very exquisite, if it is a small batch, it is often wire cutting or milling into teeth. Roundness is obtained by turning, which is easy to ensure, while tooth pitch is obtained by cutting or milling, which is difficult to say. The diameter of the graduation circle is not always guaranteed.

If it's in this situation, you might as well try replacing a few more chains. However, the chain is a standard component, which is relatively unlikely. For these two situations, if the error is significant, it can even cause the chain link to be facing the tooth top, which will cause the chain to periodically drop the chain. If the error is not that large and the scraper chain is welded, there will be periodic changes in tightness. If the error is small enough, the Chaoyang chain will not affect its normal operation.

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